1. How did your organization get started in IV vitamin therapy?

America has witnessed a growing trend of health and wellness over the last decade. People are now more interested in maintaining their body and performing at a high level. We have experienced the benefits our customers receive from IV vitamin therapy in our extensive careers in the critical care medicine field. We saw Refresh Rejuvenation as a way to pass on these benefits and our experience to our clients in Western Pennsylvania.

  1. When can I expect to experience benefits from my infusions?

This depends on the choice of product, but you will start to feel some of the effects immediately. Hydration alone will quickly alleviate fatigue, fogginess, and tired muscles. Depending on which of our vitamin products you use, optimum levels will be achieved after several infusions. Check out our website and blog for a more detailed description of the benefits of IV vitamin therapy.

  1. How often can I receive my infusions?

We typically see the most benefit at once per week. Our "Morning After" cocktail has been used more frequently than this with great results!

  1. How do I get my infusion?

Our products have been formulated by our medical director and are based on current research and years of experience with infusion therapy caring for critically ill individuals. First, you register as a user on our website. Fill out our simple medical clearance form online. Schedule your appointment through our online system. Then our board certified nurses will arrive at your house, hotel, or any other reasonable space and provide your vitamin infusion with comfort and convenience.

  1. You do not seem to have exactly what I'm looking for?

No problem! Check out our IV "add on" and "booster" shot section. These can be added on to your current therapy to better suit your needs. If you would like an offering personally customized for you, simply contact us and we will make an individualized formula just for your needs!

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