While eating well, taking supplements or drinking a protein shake may support the body in muscle growth and recovery, these techniques may not prevent fatigue or muscle cramps post-workout. IV Vitamin Therapy is the best way to replenish your body’s nutrients. By advancing the absorption of nutrients to 100% you can restore your body more rapidly with optimal efficiency.

Your body may feel exhausted because it uses micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium during workouts. These nutrients are consumed in every action that occurs inside and outside of the cell.  Professional athletes face the same challenges as their electrolytes are consumed at an accelerated pace. To restore the body to its original state, many athletes are turning to IV Therapy.

High-performance athletes will benefit from this blend of vitamins. Not only will you feel well, but you will also feel energized! This is the ultimate blend of Calcium, Magnesium, B-Complex, and Vitamin C!

Try our “Hulk Out” IV Therapy today and stop muscle fatigue in its tracks.  We are the only concierge IV Therapy service serving Greater Pittsburgh and State College.

Visit us at www.refreshrejuvenation.com or call us today to schedule an appointment in Pittsburgh: 412-227-9058 or State College: 814-753-4339.

We Deliver Performance Right to Your Doorstep!

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