Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy

In this blog, we discuss the different benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy, as well as dispel any myths or fears about the treatment. We hope to provide you with a better understanding of the treatment and its benefits. Understanding the value of IV Therapy will empower you with a revolutionary new way to treat many ailments and to lead a happier, healthier life.

IV Vitamin Drip Therapy is Fast

IV vitamin drip therapy provides you with an efficient and effective way to get the vitamins you need. Instead of taking vitamins in a pill form that may take hours, with IV Drip Therapy, you can have these important vitamins and minerals applied directly to your bloodstream rather than waiting on the process of digestion. Vitamins may be absorbed or diminished in the digestive tract; however, due to the direct absorption of these vitamins and nutrients via IV Therapy, you will realize an immediate benefit.

IV Vitamin Therapy Treats Many Conditions

IV therapy has the ability to treat a wide array of maladies. Whether you are challenged with allergies, low energy, muscle pain, a lack of libido, or cramps, IV therapy has something to offer. The best part is that the treatment is fast and effective. Here are just a few of the conditions that IV Therapy may treat:


  • Neurological Conditions
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Depression
  • Infections
  • Dementia
  • Lyme disease
  • Mold Exposure
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Detoxification
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Low Immune System


Achieve Peak Performance

To restore the body to its original state, many athletes are turning to IV TherapyAthletes often suffer from exhaustion, tired muscles, and muscle spasms. IV therapy treatments replace vitamins and minerals your body needs to help speed recovery time from your workouts so you can go from zero to hero on game day. In addition, IV treatments are a great way to rehydrate after intense competition or workout.

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Lose Weight With IV Therapy

Increased Weight Loss Through Improved Sleep

Your waking body works hard by helping you get through the day-to-day tasks of life. It is only when you are sleeping that your body is able to repair and heal any harmful variables that occur during your daily routine. It is the reason sleep is an such an important element of weight loss. When your system doesn’t have the right balance of vitamins and nutrients, sound sleep may become erratic and negatively affect your weight loss goals.

Being short on sleep can really affect your weight.


Recover Faster from Workouts

Now that you’ve made a commitment to working out and losing weight, it’s time to make sure your body is ready for the added stress of a physical routine. IV Therapy enables your body to recover more quickly from a regular workout schedule.  A lack of nutrients at any level can make it more challenging for you to recover from a workout and interfere with your ability to lose weight.

The faster your body recovers, the more effective your next workout will be.


Maximize Absorption of Key Nutrients

Did you know that a vitamin that’s taken by mouth gets broken down in the stomach and digestive tract, and is limited on how much can be absorbed (50 percent). If, however, the vitamin is given through an IV, it’s absorbed at a much higher percentage (90 percent). With one of our recommended IV Therapies, you’re able to immediately receive a much higher percentage of the key nutrients you need to help your body thrive.

Your body needs key nutrients to thrive. Maximize absorption and help your body operate at peak performance.


Start losing weight today with the regions only concierge-style IV Therapy service provider. Serving Greater Pittsburgh and State College.

Schedule your complimentary consultation so you can begin achieving your weight loss goals.

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Note: IV Therapy is not a substitute for a well-balanced diet.

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5 Questions with Refresh Rejuvenation


  1. How did your organization get started in IV vitamin therapy?

America has witnessed a growing trend of health and wellness over the last decade. People are now more interested in maintaining their body and performing at a high level. We have experienced the benefits our customers receive from IV vitamin therapy in our extensive careers in the critical care medicine field. We saw Refresh Rejuvenation as a way to pass on these benefits and our experience to our clients in Western Pennsylvania.

  1. When can I expect to experience benefits from my infusions?

This depends on the choice of product, but you will start to feel some of the effects immediately. Hydration alone will quickly alleviate fatigue, fogginess, and tired muscles. Depending on which of our vitamin products you use, optimum levels will be achieved after several infusions. Check out our website and blog for a more detailed description of the benefits of IV vitamin therapy.

  1. How often can I receive my infusions?

We typically see the most benefit at once per week. Our “Morning Aftercocktail has been used more frequently than this with great results!

  1. How do I get my infusion?

Our products have been formulated by our medical director and are based on current research and years of experience with infusion therapy caring for critically ill individuals. First, you register as a user on our website. Fill out our simple medical clearance form online. Schedule your appointment through our online system. Then our board certified nurses will arrive at your house, hotel, or any other reasonable space and provide your vitamin infusion with comfort and convenience.

  1. You do not seem to have exactly what I’m looking for?

No problem! Check out our IV “add on” and “booster” shot section. These can be added on to your current therapy to better suit your needs. If you would like an offering personally customized for you, simply contact us and we will make an individualized formula just for your needs!

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Try Refresh Rejuvenation IV Therapy and Rekindle Your Romance!

If you’re looking for a natural way to spice up your sex life, Refresh Rejuvenation has plenty of IV Therapies that can give you what you need. Arginine, Glutathione, and vitamins B12, C, E, all perform a range of different functions from increasing your blood flow, to giving you more energy, and more stamina. 

It’s important to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, so why not make sure that your sex life is the best it can be? Of course, you can go to the pharmacy and spend more money than you’d want to get all these great nutrients, or you can get regular IV vitamin treatments. Your sex life is important, make sure you are making the most of it with your partner.

Spice things up with your loved one and schedule an appointment with the professionals at Refresh Rejuvenation today!

Pittsburgh’s only concierge IV Therapy provider.

We deliver performance to right to your doorstep. #IVTherapy


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The Health Benefits of IV Drip Treatments

IV drip therapy is an extremely effective way to deliver medications, nutrients, and vitamins, and to your body because this technique works with the circulatory system.

Refresh Rejuvenation Intravenous Therapy is delivered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, optimizing the value of nutrients to your system immediately.

Not only does this accelerate the effectiveness of treatment, the digestive system expends energy to metabolize supplements and significantly reduces the amount of vitamins, nutrients, and medication that actually enters the bloodstream. IV therapy ensures 100% absorption for maximum effect and minimal waste.

Because nutrients and supplements are delivered directly to the cells that need them, IV drips have the potential to impact and improve the function of a wide variety of body systems. IV infusions, delivered through Refresh Rejuvenation IV Therapy, set your body up for optimal performance and health.

Contact Refresh Rejuvenation today at 412.227.9058 for Greater Pittsburgh and 814.753.4349 in State College.

We deliver performance right to your doorstep!

Posted by Matt Gentile on November 20, 2018

Is IV Therapy Right for You?

IV therapy has been used for years in hospitals to treat a wide range of conditions, from dehydration to nutrient-absorption disorders. And, while it may have gained national attention as a hangover cure in places like New York, Las Vegas, and New Orleans, IV infusions are also given to people with migraines, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as those who want a nutritional, athletic, energy, beauty or immunity boost.

The vitamins and nutrients are infused directly into your bloodstream via IV infusions. This method is better than typical ingestion of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants because it allows the nutrients to be directly applied to the body at the cellular level, and delivering them as efficiently as possible.

The nutrients are maximized for enhanced effectiveness. In fact, many patients report feeling positive results immediately after the infusions. Another benefit to the therapy is that patients receive high-quality nutrients at a higher dose and an optimal absorption rate.

Refresh Rejuvenation Intravenous Therapy is the gold standard in IV therapy. The procedure is similar to what you would receive in a hospital if you were to receive an IV for dehydration only with Refresh Rejuvenation’s qualified medical staff treating our customers at their home, office, or other location.

If you need an energy boost, are battling a cold, or need to be at your best for an athletic competition or business meeting, Refresh Rejuvenation IV Therapy is for you. Contact Refresh Rejuvenation today at 412.227.9058 for Greater Pittsburgh and 814.753.4349 in State College.

We deliver performance right to your doorstep!


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