Setting Up a Group Session

Are you interested in getting a group together to experience Refresh Rejuvenation's wellness IV cocktails? Follow the steps below to get an appointment scheduled for your group today.

Register for an Account and Get Cleared

Register for an account as normal, if you haven't done so already, and receive clearance from our Medical Clearance Questionnaire. Once you've completed the questionnaire, you will be allowed to order an IV session from our shop.

Select an IV product from our Shop

To order an IV session from our shop, simply navigate to our Products page. Select "Group Organizer" from the "Booking as" dropdown field, schedule the date and time you would like to have your group session take place, and establish the number of individuals you expect to register under your group. If you expect to have a large group of 10 or more individuals, please give us a call first, at 814.753.4349, so that we may arrange special provisions for your large group size.

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Checkout and Pay for Your Session

Since, not only are you establishing a group event, you are also setting up your own IV cocktail selection, a payment will need to be made for your session. Fulfill the checkout process by completing the required fields.

Invite your Friends

Fill out our Group Session Invite form after you've completed your order. Let your friends know that you've set up the session, and that they're invited to it. The email sent from the form will provide detailed instructions on how they can set up their own sessions, on the date that you provided.

Once again, if you anticipate on hosting an event with more than 10 participants, please get in touch with us first, by calling 814.753.4349, so that we may make provisions to accommodate your large group size.

Receive a Discount Towards Future Sessions

At the end of your group session, you and your group members will receive a discount code via email that can be used towards your next wellness IV therapy session.

Interested in Setting Up a Group Session?

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