Increased Weight Loss Through Improved Sleep

Your waking body works hard by helping you get through the day-to-day tasks of life. It is only when you are sleeping that your body is able to repair and heal any harmful variables that occur during your daily routine. It is the reason sleep is an such an important element of weight loss. When your system doesn’t have the right balance of vitamins and nutrients, sound sleep may become erratic and negatively affect your weight loss goals.

Being short on sleep can really affect your weight.


Recover Faster from Workouts

Now that you’ve made a commitment to working out and losing weight, it’s time to make sure your body is ready for the added stress of a physical routine. IV Therapy enables your body to recover more quickly from a regular workout schedule.  A lack of nutrients at any level can make it more challenging for you to recover from a workout and interfere with your ability to lose weight.

The faster your body recovers, the more effective your next workout will be.


Maximize Absorption of Key Nutrients

Did you know that a vitamin that’s taken by mouth gets broken down in the stomach and digestive tract, and is limited on how much can be absorbed (50 percent). If, however, the vitamin is given through an IV, it’s absorbed at a much higher percentage (90 percent). With one of our recommended IV Therapies, you’re able to immediately receive a much higher percentage of the key nutrients you need to help your body thrive.

Your body needs key nutrients to thrive. Maximize absorption and help your body operate at peak performance.


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Note: IV Therapy is not a substitute for a well-balanced diet.

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