Immune Health


Yearly, millions of people contract viruses such as the flu and common cold that cause them to feel lousy especially during the winter months. This product is a potent blend of B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C, and Glutathione to help you boost your immune system.

Super Vitamin C & Immunity


This product was developed to enhance the body’s immune response, fight free radicals, help avoid cellular damage, and help keep cellular regeneration normal and avoid those free-radical rogue cells that can develop and cause harm to the body. Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling stated that vitamin C could prevent cancer, and. . .

The Morning After


Long night out? No Problem! This mixture is designed to rejuvenate you after an enjoyable night out. This includes B-Complex Vitamins, Pepcid, Zofran, and Magnesium to get you recovered for the day!

The Morning After Plus


Longer night out than expected? Then this is the one for you! This cocktail is the same as the Morning After cocktail, but is for the super partier who needs that extra boost! In addition to the Morning After, it gives you a second liter of fluid with Toradol! A. . .

For the Woman in You


Ladies, this mixture is designed for you! This cocktail will help eliminate those monthly symptoms of bloating, irritability, and cramping with a customized blend of Zofran, Magnesium, B6, and Toradol.

Hulk Out! The Ultimate Healthy Cocktail for the Iron Man or Iron Woman


This cocktail is designed for ultimate health! Bodybuilding and Cross Fit participants will benefit from this blend of vitamins. Not only will you feel well, you will feel energized! This is the ultimate blend of Calcium, Magnesium, B-Complex, and Vitamin C!

The Warmup


This cocktail is designed for the pre workout / competition athlete! Feel energized and strong with our special blend of B-Vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids! (L-Carnatine, L-Taurine, L-Arginine, B-Complex)

The Cooldown


This cocktail is the perfect blend of vitamins and antioxidants to rejuvenate and restore your body to optimum health after the race! This includes hydration, rebalancing electrolytes, decreasing inflammation and lactic acid, while revitalizing you and allowing you to recover faster than any sports drink can do. (L-Glycine, Magnesium, Tri-Amino,. . .

Quick, Energize Me


This blend of B-Complex, Vitamin B-6, Tri-Amnio, and L-Glycine is designed to provide the boost in energy and focus you need to get through your week!

The Fountain of Youth


What this product offers you is the perfect blend of Vitamin C, B-Complex, Tri-amino, and Glutathione to help turn back the clock on sun damaged skin, lack of sleep, and years of dehydration. It is designed to improve elasticity and give you smoother more youthful looking skin.

Seasonal Allergies


This infusion is a blend of Vitamin C, Magnesium, L-Arginine, Glutathione, and Pepcid to help reduce those irritating symptoms associated with allergies. For many of us allergy sufferers with runny noses, itchy eyes, and sneezing, this will pack the punch needed to help combat those allergens and get you back. . .

Available IV Add-Ons and Booster Shots

IV Add-Ons

Add-Ons are a great way to take advantage of your drip by adding med/minerals to any IV that does not already include it.

  • Gluathione – $55

    Recovery + Strength + Endurance + Detoxification

  • Tri-Amino – $35

    Lean Body Mass + Performance + Wound & Injury Healing

  • L-Glycine – $35

    Regulates Blood Sugar + Treats Low Energy & Helps w/Fatigue

  • Taurine – $35

    Mental Health + Antioxidant

  • Vitamin C – $30

    Immune + energy + skin health

Booster Shots

Booster Shots are a great way to boost your immune system, burn fat and replace essential vitamins with the immediacy of a Booster Shot. For that extra boost, get two booster shots for $55! (Some restrictions apply)

  • Vitamin B-Complex – $35

    Immune Boosting + Heart + Mood

  • Vitamin B-12 – $35

    Mood + Digestion + Energy

  • Glutathione – $55

    Recovery + Strength + Endurance + Detoxification

  • Vitamin C – $30

    Immune + Energy + Skin Health

  • Lipo B – $35

B Vitamin + Weight Loss

  • Lipo C – $35

    Fat Reducer + Promotes Lean Muscle

  • Taurine – $35

    Mental Health + Antioxidant

  • Tri-Amino – $35

    Weight Loss + Energy Boost

Component Descriptions

Carnitine: An amino acid that decreases fat mass, reduces muscle fatigue and preserves muscle during exercise. Research has shown that L-Carnitine is a regulator of skeletal muscle fuel selection. This allows the skeletal muscle to determine if it will use carbohydrates or fat for energy.

Argenine: This is the largest source of nitrogen in the body for Nitric Oxide production. Nitric Oxide from a metabolic standpoint can help improve vascular function, and has the ability to stimulate catecholamines, glucagon, growth hormone secretion, and insulin leading to anabolic and non-catabolic effects on muscle.

Glycine: This supplementation helps regulate blood sugar levels and is helpful for treating symptoms of fatigue.

Magnesium: Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle tissue, regulates heart rhythms, supports immune function, and helps with nerve function. It also helps regulate energy metabolism and calcium levels.

Tri-Amino: Tri-Amino is designed to increase athletic performance, cardiovascular health, vascular function and improve lean body mass. It can be used to promote wound healing and aid in recovery from injury.

Vitamin C: Provides protection against immune system deficiencies and plays a role in eliminating toxic free radicals.

Calcium Gluconate: Calcium is mainly found in bones and teeth. It is an essential mineral in the metabolic process. This helps improve bone health and prevent osteoporosis. It is important for muscle contraction and cardiac function.

B-Complex: This is a combination vitamin B1 – thiamine, B2 – Riboflavin, B3 – niacinamide, B5 pantothenic acid, and B6 – pyridoxine. These vitamins help improve energy and enhance the immune and nervous system and aid to decrease stress and anxiety.

Vitamin B6: This vitamin is involved in the process of making serotonin and norepinephrine, which are chemicals that transmit signals in the brain. These neurotransmitters provide benefits in mental health and wellbeing.

Glutathione: Glutathione can decrease muscle damage, aid in muscle recovery, increase strength and endurance. It can assist in the shifting from fat production to muscle development. It is a powerful antioxidant to aid in free radical detoxification in immune health.

Pepcid: An antihistamine to settle and soothe your stomach

Toradol: This is a strong, non-sedating anti-inflammatory medication

Zofran: Quick acting, long lasting, anti-nausea medication

Taurine: Taurine is a type of amino acid. It is found in many foods and often added to energy drinks. Many people take taurine as a supplement, and researchers refer to it as a “miracle molecule”. Taurine has been shown to have several health benefits, such as a lower risk of illness and improved sports performance. It is also very safe and has no known side effects when taken in reasonable doses. It is used to improve mental performance and protect the body’s cells from damage produced by oxygen free radicals.

Lipo C: Lipo C is a custom formulated lipotropic injection used to promote body fat reduction and preserve lean muscle tissue. Lipotropic injections can also be used to maintain healthy liver function and protect the liver from disease.

Lipo B: Lipo B is a mixture of compounds that may aid in the reduction of adipose tissue (fat). The mixture of compounds individually may be effective, however in combination they may exhibit more lipotropic activity than when administered alone in a synergistic fashion. Injection of this mixture of lipotropic compounds may be more effective than oral supplementation, this is due to the increased bioavailability of parenteral exposure. These lipotropic agents are structurally and functionally closely related to the B-vitamins, or are involved in the homeostasis of energy production from fat. These compounds are often employed together in the hope of potentiating fat-loss, thus while the MIC mixture and B vitamin(s) are often injected separately, they are part of the same overall injection cycle. The non-vitamin compounds (MIC) that are injected into the body stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism, elevate the movement of and utilization of fat, and provide the needed metabolic environment of the body for a fatty acid (fat) mobilization and utilization.

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